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Your Child And Social Riding Therapy

Horse Child Therapy Texarkana TX

If your little one struggles with traditional methods of physical therapy, know that they are not alone. One form of care helps them to interact with others in a positive way, and also allows them to meet new animals! Therapeutic riding uses horses to develop new skills for your child, while giving them a fun experience! There are a few ways that this can bring a different sort of skills than can other methods of therapy, and the benefits extend beyond the physical.

At Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX, we offer powerful day programs to help your youngster to work on their independence, through a connection with an animal. Studies have shown that this form of treatment brings unique advantages, allowing them to get out of a stuffy air-conditioned room, and into the outdoors. For many of our attendees, this is a new opportunity for them to interact with something that relies upon their care. In addition to the emotional edge of therapeutic riding, our day programs also give them the chance to extend their range of motion with a natural gait!

Horse Riding Is A Fun, Yet Physical Activity

For those with special needs, it can be difficult to find positive outdoor activities that accommodate someone who is not fully-abled. The connection to the outdoors is invaluable for all people, and without it, your child could be inside for the majority of the day. While this is fine for the majority of time, you may be looking for a caring way to integrate them into the outside world, and our day programs are here to help you find a positive way to let them experience the outdoors. The physicality of horse riding can give them the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, and it is also a more captivating form of physical therapy!

An Environment That Allows Them To Connect To Another Being

Another way that therapeutic riding fosters positive growth is through the emotional interaction with an animal. If your little one struggles with interpersonal skills, a connection to their horse can allow them to feel empathy. Riding is an agreement between the animal and the rider, and our atmosphere gives them an inviting way to link with another creature. Emotional maturity can be a hurdle for all of us, and a peaceful connection to a horse gives those with special needs an opportunity to grow.

Grow And Adapt With Runnin’ WJ Ranch In Texarkana

For more information on how our day programs work to expand your child’s emotional and physical capabilities, give us a call at Runnin’ WJ Ranch In Texarkana, TX at (903)838-3223. Discover how our day programs can help you serve you and your family with a positive experience!

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