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Powerful Results With Therapeutic Riding

Are you seeking a fun and positive way to help your child? Sometimes, physical and cognitive therapy can feel a little stiff when it is in an office. For individuals with special needs, indoor methods can sometimes be a struggle, as the activity is not an enjoyable experience. If you have been looking for a positive way to give your child a more interesting encounter, consider therapeutic riding at Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX.

This method of treatment can be helpful for multiple conditions requiring therapy. For those with physical limitations, the gentle gait of a horse can extend their range of motion, while strengthening and stabilizing the muscles of their core. Therapeutic riding is also beneficial for those with cognitive and emotional struggles, so speak with our staff to determine if this course of action is right for you and your family. Our day programs are here to help your little one succeed!

There Are Particular Physical Advantages Of Therapeutic Riding

The gentle swaying of a horse while riding offers significant benefits for all of us, and for those with special needs, this motion can be helpful. The movement of riding allows for the improvement of their range of motion with outdoor activity, which can help them to stay engaged through the process. If you are the parent of a child with special needs, you might understand the struggle that can come with keeping your youngster interested in their traditional physical therapy. See if therapeutic riding is the answer!

In addition to the increase in flexibility, riding can help individuals to increase muscle mass in their core. This can be a benefit to those who experience difficulties sitting up or maintaining a healthy posture.

Therapeutic Riding Also Offers A Solution For Those With Cognitive And Emotional Impairment

Horse riding is not only helpful for those with physical limitations; the interaction with a living animal brings advantages to those with emotional or cognitive conditions, as well. Through a connection with another living being, your child can experience a relationship that they may not find with another human. There is a natural communication that comes with the interaction between horses and people, allowing them to learn the concept of mutual respect.

Give your child the opportunity to expand their capabilities with a day program designed to help them learn as they grow. In addition to our riding programs, we offer surrounding activies such as coloring and games, so that they continue to stay engaged!

An Opportunity For Your Child At Runnin’ WJ Ranch

For more information on how our day programs help children with special needs to succeed, reach out to a valued member of our staff. Give us a call at Runnin’ WJ Ranch In Texarkana, TX at (903)838-3223 to learn more!

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