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Riding Therapy Can Improve Multiple Skills

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Therapeutic riding, is a type of therapy that centers around horseback riding as a way to expand the capabilities of a child with special needs. This approach, also called equine-assisted therapy, has been shown to improve physical abilities, and also assist those with cognitive and behavioral disabilities. For example, riding therapy can improve balance and coordination while strengthening their core, helping those who need walking aids or wheelchairs to maintain more control.

At Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX, our therapeutic riding programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, providing a comfortable, yet engaging, place to grow. If your little one wants a place to thrive that is outside of traditional office therapy options, talk to our team about the advantages of the outdoors. With PATH International-certified instructors, you have a passionate team that is with your child the entire time. Talk to our team to learn about the advantages of equine-assisted therapy!

Equine Activity Can Be A Boost

For individuals with special needs, finding the right form of therapy can be a struggle. You want your child to have a solution that works for them, and that means that you want their attention to be in the room at all times. This can be tough sometimes, and if your child wants to be anywhere but where they are, it can feel more like work than anything.

With our therapeutic riding program, your child can experience something new and exciting, all while taking steps in their progress. Equine-assisted therapy has been show to provide benefits to those with physical, cognitive, and emotional hurdles, and we see its work every single day. Our team understand that this process helps in a broad way, and it can be a fun time, as well!

Riding Therapy Provides A Natural Option

Riding therapy brings a set of new challenges in a way that leads to a more holistic development. By naturally moving and interacting, the gentle gait of a horse can provide an ability to extend range of motion and flexibility. It also invites movement that strengthens crucial core muscles, which has numerous benefits, including improving balance.

Also, therapeutic riding programs can also be a helpful tool for cognitive and behavioral development. By interacting with another living being, your child can work to understand the amazing interaction between humans and horses. Equine-assisted therapy can be a benefit for many, so learn more about the advantages of our PATH International-certified programs.

Learn More About Runnin’ WJ Ranch!

If you want to find out more about our PATH International-certified therapeutic riding program, give us a call. Reach out to a member of our team today at Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX at (903)838-3223!

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