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Learning More About Equestrian Therapy

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Traditional physical and cognitive therapy approaches can leave some children behind. An office setting can be boring to them, and if your little one has started to show signs that their current therapy is just not yielding the results you want, it may be time to make a change. With equestrian therapy through PATH International-certified instructors, you have another option to help your child build new motor skills while having a little fun.

At Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX, we love to see smiling faces learning how to ride horses. That is why we devoted ourselves to bringing quality therapeutic riding programs to the special needs community of Texarkana. This approach can help your little one to grow in a variety of ways, including stress reduction and an increased attention span. For those with physical limitations, the gentle gait of a moving horse can help to build core strength and stability. Talk with our team to learn more about therapeutic riding and its benefits for your child!

Looking For An Alternative Therapy Solution?

Let’s face it: the inside of an office is not always the most exciting place in the world. Your child can feel that, and if they have started to tune out during their physical or cognitive therapy, it can be a struggle to find another option. Thankfully, there are alternatives, and therapeutic riding is one that focuses on the benefits of interacting with a horse.

How Can Equestrian Therapy Help?

One of the best advantages of therapeutic riding is that it is a holistic approach to expanding horizons. Our program is designed to meet their specific needs, and our PATH International-certified instructors are here to help guide your child at every step of the way.

For those with physical limitations, equestrian therapy can be a helpful solution that gets them outside and active. By spending some time on the back of a horse, they can develop new skills, including both balance and strength, all while having some fun with their therapy.

Therapeutic Riding Also Provides Cognitive Advantages

In addition to helping build strength and balance, equestrian therapy also helps develop empathy and connection. By simply spending some quality time with another living creature, your child can work on their emotional skills. Talk to our team to learn about the comprehensive benefits of horse-riding for children with special needs. You might be surprised at the holistic advantages!

Find Out More About Equestrian Therapy With Runnin’ WJ!

If it is time to talk about alternative therapy options for your special needs child, talk to our team about therapeutic riding. To learn more about equestrian therapy, give us a call at Runnin’ WJ Ranch in Texarkana, TX at (903)838-3223!

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